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Interview with maxime mosset

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Interview with maxime mosset
As part of its commitment to promising young athletes, Longines is lending its support to the talented Swiss telemark skier Maxime Mosset. As a student and top athlete, Maxime fits in training and competitions on top of his studies every day. Passionate and a realist, he gives us an insight into his daily routine and his plans for the future.
In July 2017, you were awarded a Federal Certificate of Proficiency (CFC) in production mechanics at Nivarox-Far (a Swatch Group company). How did you manage to find time for both your studies and top-level sport three years running?
In the winter months, it was more difficult as I was rarely at home. During the training sessions and competition season, I tried to get some work done in the evening but it wasn't always easy, especially when I was tired and given that others didn't necessarily have the same commitments. However, I still managed to get my CFC with a good grade, finishing in top place in the Neuchâtel canton, despite having to juggle my career and sport.
This year, you are going to start a new training course with the same company. What direction would you like your career to take?
Career wise, I would like to get my polymechanic CFC in two years, and then continue to work for Swatch Group part-time, to be able to dedicate more time to sport.
What specific arrangements are made to help you balance your studies and telemark commitments?
As far as work is concerned, I have the same number of holidays as my colleagues and I dedicate nearly all of them to telemarking. But I am also allowed to take unpaid holidays, which is not the case for everyone. I am lucky that my company, Nivarox-Far, is supportive.
How does your sport benefit your professional training?
It has equipped me with a number of qualities, including perseverance, drive and discipline. In telemarking, we often have to take decisions and manage problems, just like a company. I see it like a university of life and a great learning curve.
And inversely, how do your studies help you practice top-level telemarking?
I think that they give me a good balance because I enjoy my work. I also know that I will never be able to make a living out of telemarking.
When you finish your studies, do you plan to continue taking part in competitions and combine it with a future career?
Yes, I intend to keep doing competitions and work at the same time. If I could work 80% of the time, that would be ideal because I must admit that it's not always easy to keep up the pace.
What sporting and professional goals are you working towards at the moment?
On a professional level, I am hoping to get a good grade in my mid-term exams to improve my final grade, and to finish my second CFC within two years. My objective in terms of sport is to get selected for all the world cups and to be counted among the top 25 in one of my three telemarking disciplines and to keep my title as Swiss champion.